Scone with Jam and Cream, a medley of cakes, a selection of sandwiches and crisps. A pot of English Afternoon Tea.

Mini Pork Pie with chutney, mini Yorkshire pudding, corned beef sandwiches and crisps, pickle, Scone with Jam and Cream. A pot of English Afternoon Tea.
£10.00 per person
£19.00 per couple

Be decadent; add a glass of Prosecco for £5

All sandwiches are served on a choice of White, Brown or Granary bread. Please ask if you require the crusts left on as we serve them crust less.


Roast Ham with a light garnish of salad £4.75
Roast Chicken with tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise £4.75
Salmon with cucumber and in a lemon mayonnaise £5.00
Bacon and Chicken with mayonnaise £5.00
Cheddar Cheese served with pickle £4.50
Evacuee Strawberry Jam £3.50
Corned Beef with pickle £4.75

All our sandwiches are served with a garnish of salad and crisps (except for Jam)

Bacon sandwich – Ask for baguette if preferred £3.50
Poached Egg on Muffin – two lightly poached locally produced eggs £3.50
Scrambled Egg on Toast £3.50
Scrambled Egg and Beans on Toast £4.00
Eggs Benedict £5.95
Beans on Toast £2.50
Two slices of buttered Toast – together with a choice of Jam or marmite £1.80
Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup £3.50
Pancakes with mixed berries £3.50

Panini or baguette
Tuna mayonnaise £4.25
Ham and cheddar £4.25
Chicken and avocado £4.25
Bacon, brie, and cranberry sauce £4.25
Add 70p for a baguette

Toasties: Served with salad and crisps
Ham and cheese £3.50
Cheese and tomato £3.50
Bacon and cheese £3.50
Tuna melt £3.50
Mozzarella & Tomato £3.50
Cheese and beans £3.50

Double cheese omelette (cheddar & mozzarella) £5.95
Avocado, bacon and cheddar cheese £5.95
Smoked salmon and cream cheese £5.95

Jacket Potatoes
Coronation chicken £4.95
Tuna Mayonnaise £4.95
Cheddar cheese £4.95
Cheddar cheese and beans £5.00
Smoked salmon & cream cheese £5.50

Chicken salad £4.95
Ham and egg salad £5.00
Tuna salad £4.95

Land Army Ploughman’s Lunch £6.50
Cheddar Cheese, Ham, Coleslaw, Salad, Chutneys and Pickles together with crusty bread.

Cakes and Scones
Two toasted crumpets £1.80
Toasted buttered teacake £1.75
The Betty Grable Cream Tea £5.00
Plain or Fruit Scone served with Jam, Fresh Cream and a pot of English Afternoon Tea
A Selection of delicious Homemade Cakes from the Cabinet £2.20

English Breakfast – traditional blend of tea, full bodied, robust/and or rich. It goes well served with milk £2.40 (2 cup pot) £4.50 (4 cup pot)
Decaf Breakfast- as above £2.60 (2 cup pot)
£4.60 (4 cup pot)
Traditional English Blend – selected fine leaf tea with refreshing flavour and strength. It goes well with milk £2.40 (2 cup pot) £4.50 (4 cup pot)
Afternoon Blend B.O.P – great tasting and an ideal companion for afternoon tea, cakes and scones. It goes well with milk £2.40 (2 cup pot) £4.50 (4 cup pot)
Earl Grey – A fine example of a famous blend. Best quality large leaf tea scented with a natural oil of bergamot. Served with or without milk
£2.40 (2 cup pot) £4.50 (4 cup pot)
Superior London Blend – A rich blend of Assam and Kenyan teas, typically strong and full flavoured, with good colour and character. £2.40 (2 cup pot) £4.50 (4 cup pot)
China Green Tea – Finest quality green chine tea, light with a pleasantly smooth aroma and flavour. Best taken without milk £2.50 (2 cup pot) £4.70 (4 cup pot)
Ceylon Orange Pekoe – From the western slopes of Sri Lanka, this O.P tea has a light appearance and delicate flavour £2.50 ( 2 cup pot) £4.70 (4 cup pot)
Chamomile -small evenly distributed flowers to make the best possible tea. Best taken without milk £2.50 (2 cup pot) £4.70 (4 cup pot)
Cut Peppermint – this tea is best known for its strong smell and taste, dating back for more than ten thousand years. Best taken without milk £2.50 (2 cup pot) £4.70 (4 cup pot)
Assam Tippy Golden B.O.P -This is a smaller leafed tea with many golden brown leaf tips. Strong, spicy and malty with flavour £2.50 (2 cup pot) £4.70 (4 cup pot)
Russian Caravan Bland – Keemun, Oolong and Darjeeling teas carefully blended to produce a light liquoring tea with a distinctive aroma
£2.50 (2 cup pot) £4.70 (4 cup pot)
Darjeeling Tippy Golden B.O.P – Grown on the slopes of the Himalayas, Darjeelings are light, fragrant and delicate in taste. Can be taken with or without milk £2.50 (2 cup pot) £4.70 (4 cup pot)
Lapsang Souchong – A tea with a distinctive smoky taste and aroma. Best taken without milk £2.50 (2 cup pot) £4.70 (4 cup pot)
Passion Fruit and Orange – Apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehip, orange pieces and passion fruit
Best taken without milk £2.50 (2 cup pot) £4.70 (4 cup pot)

Espresso Le Resistance Single shot £1.60 Double shot £2.00
Roosevelt Americano Small £1.80 Large £2.10
Mussolini Cappuccino Small £2.10 Large £2.60
Monty’s Mocha Small £2.20 Large £2.70
Lana Turners ‘ Latte Small £2.10 Large £2.60
Good Night Sweetheart Ovaltine Small £2.10 Large £2.60
The Clark Gable Hot Chocolate Small £2.20 Large £2.60

Cold Drinks
Coke or Diet Coke 500ml £2.75
Hildon Mineral water still or sparkling 330ml £2.00
J20 Pear Gold 275ml £2.25
J20 Apple & Mango 275ml £2.25
Appletiser 275ml £2.30
Orange Juice £1.80

School Milkshakes
Vanilla £2.00
Chocolate £2.00
Banana £2.15
Strawberry £2.15
Raspberry £2.15